Male, Swiss citizen, born on September 25 1980

Academic Degree

Master Thesis

  • Die Missernte 1916/17 in der Schweiz

    «Wenn nur der Wettergott bald ein Einsehen hätte»

    205 pages. Teacher: Prof. Dr. Christian Pfister

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    The thesis highlights the impact of both bad weather conditions and war time import restrictions on Swiss agriculture resulting in bad harvests in 1916 and 1917.

    Institute of History, University of Bern, Switzerland

    March 2009


  • Botellones suizos

    Die Zeitungsberichterstattung schweizerischer «Massenbesäufnisse» im Sommer 2008 und Mobilisierung derer Teilnehmer

    108 pages. Teacher: lic. phil. Peter Meier

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    The thesis evolves around social gatherings of Swiss youth in the public space of major Swiss cities in the summer of 2008. Using quantitative content analysis of articles published in major Swiss newspapers during that time, the author studies the mobilization of teenagers and young adults using the back then yet widely unknown social media platform Facebook. Aside of this, the author highlights implications of spontaneous public gatherings like Botellones, Flashmobs etc. on the public order. Further, the thesis gives an overview of the state of research about public gatherings initiated using new media (mobile phones, texting, internet services like chats, social media sites etc.)

    Institute of Mass Communication Studies, University of Bern, Switzerland

    January 2011


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